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Three strategies to protecting the futureProtect the future

Taking personal responsibility is the single most powerful thing you could do to help future generations.

Risk-capacity modelRisk-Capacity model

This framework forms the basis for protecting the future.

Image of breathing meditation appHeart-breathing training
Strengthening your autonomic nervous system has a wide array of benefits, from improved sleep to an improved ability to care.

3D slice of 4D hallwayExplore in 4D

Learn to navigate four-dimensional places. If you believe the afterlife is in a higher dimension, this little lesson could save you.

recreated Teaparty textRecreator

Worried that your writing isn't clear enough? Paste in it here, press "recreate", and feel better.

Curt Game
The easiest game in the universe, but people have lost thousands of times. What does that tell you about human psychology?

Image of a studious personPersonal capacity building

Developing the capacity to go far is the prerequisite to going far.

Helplessly procrastinating catProcrastination

Identify procrastination and engage with life.

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Commit to LifeGlobal risk & asset management

a typical city in LudopolisLearn project management

using the Ludopolis social simulation.

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