Four-dimensional demo for Cave School (Five-dimensional game)

how to get around in four dimensions

Four-dimensional game

Use the arrow keys to move. Click to change the map.

Differences between the 3D views (WebGL) and 2D views

The WebGL version displays in shaded/textured 3D. It also has a stereoscopic perspective: in effect, a stereoscopic 4D game. (An easy way to cross your eyes is to focus at your fingertip halfway between your eyes and the screen, then move your finger until the map appears to be floating in 3D on your fingertip.)

The WebGL version lacks several features:

Learning the demo

Concentrate on learning three dimensions at first. The top two maps show two views of your current three-dimensional space: the side view and the top view. The floor is brown, the walls are reddish, and the cut-away of the rock is grey.
screenshot of the non-3D (2D-maps) version

Exploring in four dimensions

Once you are used to navigating in 3 dimensions, you're ready to go into 4 dimension.