Upgrade society

until society reduces risks faster than it creates risks
It's easy to be caught up in all the things that need "fixing," so it is important to remember: the world isn't saved until society reduces risks faster than it creates risks. Improving society is more important than individual accomplishments.

Global risk and asset management

The most important change to make to society is its ability to manage the assets and risks to life — and the most important part of this ability is the ability to assess risks and assets. More accurate assessments are not only a prerequisite for managing risks and assets, but also for individuals to be able to understand the whole situation.

Improving leadership

If there are people in power who do not zealously care about those affected by their decisions (either people alive today or future generations), it is negligent to not replace them with moral decision makers. If society does not have the ability to replace them, then it is negligent to not improve society until it can. These changes to society might include:
  • creating a resevoir of qualified and moral people who can fill positions of leadership when they become available
  • programs that improve strengths of individuals (such as education), and reduce weaknesses of individuals (such as addictions)
  • strengthening social fabrics so that communities are compassionate and rich with healthy links of friendship and family
  • replacing immoral or amoral business owners with business owners who have unbreakable moral commitments