Soul Rights

for the wellbeing of your soulfulness
According to Tremas, each person has three Soul Rights:
By engaging these rights, a person honours themselves and the precious moments.

How can we obtain them?

The right to know the world

To obtain this right, we should commit to memory and to heart some basic outlines of the universe to which we belong. For example, a cursory achievement would include:
To create this miniature model of the universe within ourselves, we need to do more than merely memorise the major points of the universe's history. We need to contemplate and form a personal relationship to the world over time, so that our understandings slowly take on a life of their own.

If we do not know the world to which we belong, we will have no underlying sense of proportion, time, or context for existence.

The right to a sane human

Because our experience of the world is indirect — we only experience our inner reality — there are important reasons to have sanetegrity ("full sanity"):
Sanity can be increased both through general education — especially challenging subjects that cause us to question our assumptions and develop new skills — as well as through the direct strengthening of cognitive functioning, such as working memory or sensory gating.

The right to not be wasted

If our existence today is not somehow valuable to the continued existence of life on Earth, then we have not completely honoured the potential of our life today.

Unfortunately, whilst our society already has many disciplines researching the history of our world and the nature of our mind (which makes the attainment of the first two Soul Rights relatively easy), there remains much to be discovered about how our actions today affect the viability of life on Earth. But instead of prioritising risk management activities (such as better understanding the world's situation, clarifying what outcomes are acceptable, and determining what personal illusions prevent us from learning and engaging) people tend to invest in activities that feel like they are helping the future, such as energy conservation or political activism.

Because there exist many resources to help you obtain the first two soul rights, one strategy may be to first pursue the first two rights and then use your increased understanding to give the future of life on Earth the depth of thought which it deserves. For more information on helping the future, see Cora's Introduction to Eudaedalism.

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