There's no time to wait

the future needs to be taken care of yesterday
One of the best reasons to immediately commit to the wellbeing of the future is that the loss of assets to life is not a hypothetical future event — the loss of life-supporting assets is already happening.

If you commit to the wellbeing of the future today, and spend the rest of your life prudently to maximize your benefit to the future, you can have the best impact on reducing further losses to global assets.

Much of the world has already ended

Many ecosystems, species, nonrenewable resources, arable land, and climate stabilizers have already been lost due to mismanagement.

Many people live in post-apocalyptic landscapes

For those of us in wealthier countries, fiction and film contain most of our images depicting people scrounging a living in broken landscapes that were once bountiful and fertile. However, many poorer countries already live in futuristic dystopias.