How to Save the World

step by step instructions

StageCommon mistake
          Setting priorities
1. Learn what the wellbeing of the future is.*Operate under a partial understanding of the world. People who know more will see more possibilities that match the future's real needs — those who know less resort to desperation.
2. Develop commitment until this is your top priority.Give priority to things that do not ultimately make a difference
          Personal capacity
3. Improve skills related to personal life until you have plenty of quality time.Not investing limited time to free up more time
4. Develop proficiency with skills needed to protect the future.Make very little progress with inadequate skills
          Societal capacity
5. Ensure there are quality institutions assessing global risks and assets.†Pick an issue that seems important and underinvest in global situation assessment
6. Change society until it reduces global risks faster than it creates them, and creates global assets faster than it consumes them (GRAM). (You are done at this step.)Trying to make the changes yourself (inefficient at best) or to “be the change” (rarely relevant unless it is contagious)
7. (For dessert: nice but not necessary) Become engrossed in a particular problem or solution that you personally feel is important.Jumping right to here (and skipping the actual saving the world stages)

* Most people skip step #1... and jump right to step #7.

NB The entire world is missing #5, so anybody at #6 or #7 is adorably quxotic at best (“at worst” is left as an exercise for the reader).