Developing commitment to the future of Life on Earth

how much can you care?
Developing commitment to the future of Life on Earth is a task unto itself. There are several broad avenues within it:
  • Understanding: learning what "Life on Earth" is — about the diversity of life and its history
  • Overcoming barriers to caring: there are many mental biases, such as diffusion of responsibility, that can be overcome to make it easier to care about the future
  • Developing caring: We can also take approaches that directly affect our ability to care. What kind of person do we want to be — somebody whose efforts made no real contribution in the long-run, or somebody that actually cares — do we give ourselves the dignity and treat ourselves with respect by allowing ourselves to become such person? We can think about the future itself, to imagine what it might lack without our protection, and come to the firm conclusion "it is not acceptable to leave it to chance." We can also enhance the ability to care in our own life, by increasing our mental health, the stability and supportiveness of our social environment and friendships, or practising our ability to care by nurturing the smaller things around us.