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Chira - recent updates

2015 Mar 20

Memory Codex funded

A friend has generously funded the first edition of Memory Codex — a memorisation system using spaced repetition that will be an important of future courses on chiranet.

2013 Jul 19

Risk-Capacity Model published

The Risk-Capacity Model is a simple simulation of the survival of a system, and can be useful as a framework for thinking about system risk issues.

2013 Apr 20

Preparing to go to Wisconsin

Dailychira video: I just decided to go to my uncle's funeral. I'll also use the time to visit nearby universities for advice and to see where I may study next. Will I have enough time to prepare?   —   Video duration: 00:28

2013 Apr 19

Uncle Tom and Randy Pausch

Dailychira video: My uncle unexpectedly passed away yesterday, it's so very sad, he will be missed by so may people. Nobody was prepared to let him go like this. Coincidentally, we watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture in class that very day. Both my uncle and Randy placed a high value on education, on treating others well, on being fun and caring. I really wish my uncle could have had the chance to share his life lessons for his own children. Like my uncly and Randy, let's remember how important it is to take every opportunity to share what we have with those who come after us.   —   Video duration: 02:55

2013 Apr 18

Current goals of chira·net: apppeal for life, risk and asset management

Dailychira video: Is it more important to convey why we need more people to commit their lives to the wellbeing of the future, or to convey the basics of risk and asset management for more responsible approaches towards taking care of the future?   —   Video duration: 02:00

2013 Apr 17

Initial dailychira video

Dailychira video: I finally started my vlog. May you find my survivalist antics amusing.   —   Video duration: 00:57